Whole House Declutter- Do you have lovely things but your home is dysfunctional? Is it hard to clean? Are you embarrassed to have friends over? Are you overwhelmed? Are you misplacing things? Buying things you know you already have? Always running late? MIssing appointments? Exhausted? Irritable? Angry? Sad? Eating too much crap? Wasting too much time on your phone? Are you ready to change your lifestyle? Contact me for rates and package deals and let’s get started with your tidying festival.

Decorating with Color- Infusing your home with color is one of the simplest ways to increase joy with beauty. The secret is discovering what colors you really love. I can facilitate that discovery, and show you how to use color.

Capsule Closet- Would you like to look great everywhere you go? Would you like to be ready to go in 20 minutes? Would you like to wear well-made garments? Would you like to stop participating in fast fashion and reduce your carbon footprint? Would you like to shop less and spend your time in ways that are more meaningful to you? Maybe you would enjoy the benefits of a capsule closet. Did you know you could have as few as 30 pieces and create over a hundred different outfits?

Downsizing- Are you thinking of moving to a smaller place? Let me help you decide what to pack and what to let go of. I can help you decide what is good for donation and I can even haul away for you.

One Room- Is there one room in your house that is always out of control? Has it become the landfill of your house? Is it where stuff goes to die? Let’s get this room in order so that you can enjoy it again! What do you want to do in that room? Meditate? Enjoy guests? Office? Gym? Cook? Craft? Write? Let’s get creative and enjoy that room!

Studio Space- Do you have artist’s block? Finding it hard to get work done? Uninspired? Cramped? I can help you arrange your space so that work flows efficiently and with ease.

Craft Rooms- I love crafting too! Let me help you organize your craft room so that your supplies are within easy reach and your space sparks joy and creativity.

Small Business- Do you have a small business that looks cluttered and messy? Have you outgrown the space? Do you find yourself apologizing to clients, misplacing things, bumping into each other? Let me help you create a space that functions and is beautifully presented.