“Tidy Bird helped me declutter, organize and decorate my entire home.  It was a very daunting project for me, but one I had been wanting to do for a long time.  Tidy Bird walked me through every aspect with a personal touch and expert guidance.  She helped keep me on task and motivated me to stay excited and eager throughout the process. 

It is a surprisingly emotional task to go though every item you own, but Tidy Bird was patient and understanding from start to finish.  She didn’t let me get discouraged or distracted.

The end result is absolutely fantastic and my home isn’t just where my stuff is, it’s a space of my own.”  – Mary



“Vanessa helped me to not only better organize, but more efficiently run, my in home office since I have been in a full time remote work situation like many during the pandemic. It was important for me to encompass Feng Shui room flow/style, which she has great knowledge of and was able to guide me toward more effective furniture alignment for maximum productivity. She also helped create a closet space that was essentially an extension of my work space that has been critical to my success in multi tasking various projects in a fast paced work climate. In addition to the functionality, we had the opportunity to be creative and decorate the area as well which makes it a pleasing environment to work in for long periods of time. I cannot recommend her talent and services enough, it’s been life changing and she’s a delightful person to work with – thanks, Vanessa!”  – Jamie



“WOW is Vanessa from Tidy Bird. We either had to move to a larger space or completely clean out and reorganize. So glad we found Vanessa as she helped us revamp the entire store and storage areas. Now we don’t have to move and we are enjoying our new space! I highly recommend her services, she can help with anything!” – Melissa Booth, Melissa Designer Jewelry, Hillsborough, NC



“The name says it all! Vanessa has helped me cheer up my clutter on both the home front and at the office. In both cases, she immediately understood the aesthetic sensibility and the clutter issues, and within a very short time, miraculously curated and organized both unique spaces into more efficient spaces that you could appreciate, love and want to share with others! This tidy bird knows her song to share!” – Katherine, Owner, Tributary Land Design & Build, Durham, NC



“I had the good fortune to have Vanessa help me to reorganize my jewelry studio at my store Goldworks, in Chapel Hill. The results were impressive, she managed to ‘find’ more space in the studio than I thought I had, she rearranged benches and cabinets to provide a more workable environment. She improved the studio considerably…both in work flow and my enjoyment factor. All in all, it was a huge success.

Vanessa is one of the most consistently creative individuals I have ever encountered..it is impressive how much she helped and, how much better things are after her input.

I can wholeheartedly recommend her services as an organizer, I am confident you will be impressed and pleased with her ability to help organize your space.” – Ted Hendrickson, Goldworks, Chapel Hill, NC



“Vanessa is a vibrant individual with an aesthetic eye. She has whole-heartedly helped us transform our space into a functional and beautiful home. Her approach is playful, innovate, and sincere. She thrives on helping individuals arrive in a more comfortable and satisfying space. The process of sorting through each item in our home demanded a guide, and Vanessa could not have been a been a more caring or thoughtful guide. As a result, we are now not only surrounded by the things we love but our home better supports us doing the things we love. Working with Vanessa has been a life-changing experience! I cannot recommend her highly enough!” – Brooke



“My husband and I cannot thank you enough for the amazing transformation of our tiny home, Vanessa. Prior to finding your services, we considered the need to buy a bigger home since we were rapidly outgrowing the one we had lived in for fifteen years. It was amazing to see how much room we really had once we cleared out all the clutter and brought order back into our lives. The change has been dramatic not only in how our home looks and functions but the way we feel– it is now a pleasure to come home!” – Laura




“I deliver Meals on Wheels for Ming.  I delivered them before Vanessa came into his home and life and after, so I am able to witness the profound changes she has made in his life.  Not only is his home more organized, accessible and lively, but his demeanor and zest for life have taken quantum leaps.  Before, he sat slumped in his wheelchair, often in the dark; now he is moving around in his wheelchair in his festive apartment — active, connected, engaged, and looking forward to his day.  He truly gained a new lease on life.  What more can one desire at that age?  Her organizational skills are evident, but so are her lively presence and sincere care.”  – Virginia



Vanessa helped me reorganize my kitchen — a task I probably would not have taken on without her help! The process of gathering all of my kitchen things in one place and going through them one-by-one was hard work, but Vanessa was an excellent guide and fun to work with.  I was able to pare down to what I truly wanted to use in my kitchen. Now, cleaning my kitchen is easier because everything has a place, and it is a much calmer, more joyful space. ” – Katherine