My place is a mess and I am embarrassed to let anyone see. Should I clean up before you come over? No! If you like, you can think of this process as a sort of therapy.  You can let me see things that you would not want others to see. I help facilitate a conversation between you and your objects, so that you can learn what brings you joy. This process is easy and fun. Let’s get started together!

Will you make me throw everything away? No! I will help you decide what to keep. Together we will find a home for the things you use and love.

Will you make me buy lots of storage items? No! Buying stuff to store stuff is the opposite of what we are doing. The goal is to have everything in its own space, easy to see, enjoy, and use.

What will I do with all the stuff I no longer love or use? As part of my service, I will help you decide whether you will donate, toss, or sell your excess items.

Now that my house is organized, I would like some upgrades. Can you help me choose paints, furniture, plants, etc. to help make my space more beautiful? Yes! A beautiful space is the ultimate goal because beauty lifts the spirit! Interior design is a passion of mine and I can help you arrange what you already have, recommend simple improvements, display your collections, and enhance the beauty of your space based on what we have learned about you during this process.